Born in Boulder, Colorado and raised in California, Jake has never been a stranger to progressive politics. Through Jake's belief in people power and activism, since the age of 15, he has been a vocal member in the San Clemente and southern Californian community.   

Coming from a middle class family, living with his mom at North Beach, Jake understands the day to day struggles of every San Clementian, from relying on public transportation to cleaning up our beaches to keep a clean, beautiful environment. Jake's family has also felt the struggles of small business, being that both of his uncles own pool cleaning businesses, and his mom is an artist in Laguna. Through this point of view Jake has valued hard work, creativity and the belief in entrepreneurship.   

Jake has worked on over four campaigns here in California, working for candidates, platforms and ideals that he believes will promote, a more positive and progressive vision for California. Jake now is graduating from San Clemente High School and plans to be attending Saddleback, majoring in Political Science. At Saddleback, Jake will be the Director of Budget this fall. The Associated Student Government and Jake's team have launched a Housing Task Force, creating solutions to one day add affordable housing to the Saddleback campus. Jake looks forward to attending his classes this fall and being part of a community he beleives in.

Here in San Clemente, Jake has been a vocal member in the community, being a leader in the San Clemente High School walkout and joining in protests all across the city to have his voice heard. Jake has never been afraid to stand up for what he believes in, leading in calling for a Town Hall with Darrell Issa, resulting from the Parkland School shooting. Jake's letter received over one hundred signatures in just under two days, from concerned citizens all across the 49th. Darrell Issa refused to comment on the letter, or having a town hall. In response, Jake decided to take action into his own hands, being inspired to run for City Council.  

As your next city council member, Jake looks forward to putting people first. Jake has a vision of a San clemente that stands up to Southern California Edison, stands up to the TCA and prioritizes the issues that the community feels, in a transparent and effect way. It's time that San Clemente leads in progress, progress on homelessness, protecting our coast and believing in the power of small business. It's time for progress.