Inspired by the passion, change and grassroots of RECENT elections, Jake has toured all over Orange County, spreading his excitement for a working Democracy and a progressive, local, state and federal government. Jake trust that the only true work for his community will be done by we the people, believing It's time for progress. 



Protecting San Clemente from Toll Roads and the TCA

The TCA’s $2 billion toll road boondoggle would wreak havoc on our community — not only regarding traffic, but quality of life in general. I will fight to dissolve the TCA and find modern, de-privatized solutions to streamline transit in our community.


Creating A Transparent Government

It is my view that government should be transparent, participatory, and collaborative. I will push to enact a sunshine ordinance in the City of San Clemente, much like the one that was passed by Santa Ana in 2012. The three big ideas Jackson and I have to take back our local government from those who seek to destroy our ways of life are to:

1. Create a campaign contribution limit of $500 (adjusted upon the consumer price index) for all city council candidates and members.

2. Create term limits for all city council members.

3. Require elected officials to recuse themselves from any land-use or development decision if they have accepted donations from the developer.


Ensuring the Safe Storage of SoCal Edison's Nuclear Waste

Radioactive waste buried feet from the shore threatens the well being of our citizens and our ecosystem. We deserve better. I will implement a real-time, onsite, independent radiation monitoring system, fight to move the waste off of our coastline, and create an emergency action plan for the residents of our town.


Creating A sustainable Future

If elected, I intend to do everything in our power to stop the degradation of our environment and pursue policies that build a more sustainable future. I would bring low-cost clean energy to residents through a plan called Community Choice Energy, with a goal to transition to 100% clean, renewable energy by 2030. I see San Clemente’s future in sustainability working with partnerships with small business..

Video: City Council Candidate Forum Recap from Sept. 27

“Some of San Clemente’s most pressing issues were examined by each of the candidates for City Council candidates in attendance at the San Clemente Chamber of Commerce forum at the Outlets at San Clemente on Thursday night, Sept. 27.”

The students who would be king 

‘“We’re inspired by the model that Bernie Sanders had during his 2016 election,” Rybczyk said. “And he showed that if you’re authentic, if you can deliver, and if you do your research and you know what you’re talking about, you don’t need to be on the phone all the time fundraising.”’

campaign practices

“I’m excited to run a campaign on the values that not only I believe in, but can be responsible for creating real change.”


Teens ask Issa for town hall on school shootings

‘“He’s still our representative. We still want an answer,” Rybczyk said. “This movement goes way beyond (the gun lobby). This is a movement that scares corporations. We are looking to stop the influence of corporate money on our politicians.”’