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August 26, 2018 - Beneath the blue wave in Orange County: Not just about House races in longtime GOP stronghold - Salon

[Hinkle] thinks Orange County has seen a form of machine politics for decades, and "people don't realize the amount of positive change that could take place if we start looking at other candidates, other parties, other ideas.”

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August 24, 2018 - The students who would be king - Los Angeles Times

Hinkle had the idea to look up the city council races in Orange County. There were more than 90 open seats this year. The number astonished them. “I still remember it because it is kind of a significant moment in my life,” Rybczyk said. It was an opportunity, an epiphany, that would change their lives. 


August 16, 2018 - ‘We want people who represent the ideals of our generation’ - Los Angeles Times

A coalition of young adults running for City Council seats countywide is hoping to address homelessness and sustainability while invigorating the youth vote in upcoming local elections.


July 19, 2018 - San Clemente teen works to decommission nuclear power plants - Los Angeles Times

Atypical for his age, Hinkle found a way to channel his fear into something positive. This week, the recent San Clemente High School graduate traveled to Washington, D.C., to speak at a congressional briefing on decommissioning nuclear power plants. He also met with congressional members to discuss safe nuclear storage as a representative of activist group San Clemente Green.

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July 16, 2018 - Jackson Hinkle briefing United States Congress on Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants - CSPAN

"Energy and environmental experts talked about nuclear power plant safety. The panelists discussed the dangers of radioactive waste and presented options for how to safely decommission nuclear plants and store the radioactive materials..."

July 12, 2018 - Orange County Students 4 City Council Gets Campaign Trails Started - San Clemente Times

"In San Clemente, Jackson Hinkle and Jake Rybczyk, both 18, along with organizers of Orange County Students for City Council, an organization supporting the young candidates, are running on the same ticket..."

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July 10, 2018 - Jackson On Safe Nuclear Waste Storage

While speaking at the Rally for Orange County Student Candidates, Jackson discusses how he would use his position on the San Clemente City Council to do what others have failed to accomplish in the past; ensure a long-term solution to safely move and store the high-level radioactive waste at San Onofre.

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july 19, 2018 - Jackson Hinkle Featured on The Underswell Podcast with derek sabori

"Jackson Hinkle is an 18 year old environmental activist and politician who recently graduated from San Clemente High School in California. While many teens are still finding direction, Jackson was getting early recognition for the work he’s doing in the community..."

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July 7, 2018 - Jackson Hinkle featured on the Ground Game LA Podcast

"Jackson Hinkle is an 18 year old running for a seat on the San Clemente City Council as part of the group OC Students for City Council. As the 2018 elections gets closer we are seeing a wave of youth energy erupting, come November we will find out how well that momentum has been harnessed..."

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June 29, 2018 - Orange County Students For City Council Featured on the Dana Pointer

"A swiftly growing political movement in Orange County has captured the energy of young people committed to taking part in local politics by serving in elected positions on city councils..."

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TYT's Cenk Uygur spoke with Jackson Hinkle, Jake Rybczyk, and Perry Meade, of the Orange County Students For City Council about their efforts to elect more progressive young people to public office.


May 23, 2018 - Jackson Hinkle and Jake Rybczyk on the raad life radio show

"Tomorrow Wednesday May 23rd, at 12 noon (PST) on the 'Raad Life' radio show our guests will be recent San Clemente High School Students, almost 19 year olds, Jackson Hinkle & Jake Rybczyk Candidates for City Council in San Clemente in 2018!"


may 7, 2018 - Jackson Hinkle launches campaign for san clemente city council

Jackson Hinkle announced his candidacy for San Clemente City Council on May 7,  2018. Jackson's campaign values center on uniting to end homelessness, protecting the environment and coastal habitats from corporate interests, and ensuring a functioning democracy for all citizens. Learn more about Jackson's priorities by clicking on the button below!

April 13, 2018 - Youth Initiative: Local Students Grow Environmental Change in Their Backyards - The Dana point Times

“The biggest things for me started out from learning the effects of plastic bottles on the environment and human health,” Hinkle, a senior, said. “A lot of what has inspired me is the effects of the plastic bottles on environmental degradation and how it’s going to affect us in the future.” After the testing periods, CUSD made the switch to being completely free of plastic water bottles. 


April 2018 - Scholastic Choices magazine features jackson hinkle in "BE a planet hero" article

"How big of an impact can teens have on protecting the Earth? Huge. Meet three making a mega difference - you can too..."

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April 2018 - Environmental activists we should all be following on Instagram - MTV 

"He’s 18, he’s been involved in Earth Guardians for the last couple of years. He got his entire school district to transition away from using plastic bottles, he’s working to get his voice in the political system and get young people across California involved..."


April 2018 - activists oppose city of dana point's decision of opposing california's sanctuary state law - the Orange County register

"Jackson Hinkle of San Clemente holds a sign that reads "don't be a rubber stamp," while speaking to the Dana Point City Council members at Tuesday's meeting when the council voted on whether to adopt a resolution that would join the city in the county's position condemning SB 54 and California sanctuary state status..."

April 2018 - CUSD Passes gun violence resolution - the capistrano dispatch

"Some 10 CUSD students, some of whom have participated in nationwide school walkouts related to gun violence, spoke on behalf of the resolution, sharing fears and frustrations of gun violence in nationwide schools..."


march 24, 2018 - jackson hinkle speaks at the March For our lives south orange County - san clemente times

San Clemente High School students Sutton Loughran and Jackson Hinkle spoke during the rally prior to the March. Hinkle led the high school’s walkout on March 14 on campus.


March 14, 2018 - San Clemente High School Students Walk Out to Demand Stricter Gun Laws - OC Register

"San Clemente High School senior, Jackson Hinkle, 18, speaks to more than 1,000 students on March 14, who took part in the National Walkout..."

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The Year of Youth - The Cleanest Line, Patagonia

"Jackson led a campaign called #PlasticFreeCUSD which just last month succeeded in getting Capistrano Unified School District to eliminate plastic bottles from all of its 64 school cafeterias..."


January 2018 - Local Student Partners with JUST Water for Sustainable School Program - San Clemente Times

"Team Zissou, an environmental club at San Clemente High School, has secured a partnership in its efforts of promoting sustainable products with JUST water, a company that produces paper-based bottles instead of traditional plastic bottles..."


January 2018 - Featured Thought Leader: Jackson Hinkle - The ecology center

"It’s clear Jackson is an inspiration to his peers, teachers, and adults alike. But what inspires him? “When I see kids getting politically engaged, that inspires me the most.” From starting Team Zissou at his own high school to growing it to eight chapters across the nation, Jackson has picked up some valuable lessons along the way. Key to his success? Communication..."


December 2017 - Recap: Activists Urge Public to Get Involved at Protest as Latest SONGS Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Draws Near - San clemente times

"A couple hundred people flooded the lawn of the San Clemente Community Center the morning of Dec. 30 to voice their opposition of the storage, which is expected to take place in January. The protest was hosted by Public Watchdogs, an activist organization based in La Mesa, as well as Team Zissou, a San Clemente High School club that engages publicly in environmental issues..."


December 2017 - The 17 Most Inspirational Kids of 2017 - Reader's Digest

"He became a Water Ambassador for The Water Effect at The Ecology Center, organized a march against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) in Orange County to raise awareness of water rights and support the creation of a clean future, and currently serves as founder and current president of Team Zissou, an environmental club that has popped up in schools in California, Hawaii, Washington, and Canada..."


October 2017 - San Clemente Groups Prep for International Coastal Cleanup Day - San Clemente times

"Shon Miller, left, of the San Clemente Beach Conservation Program, and Jackson Hinkle, of the San Clemente High School club Team Zissou, will help champion beach cleanup around T Street and the San Clemente Pier..."

August 2017 - From the Ground Up: San Clemente High School Environmental Club Gets Ready for New Year - San Clemente Times

"Club president and founder Jackson Hinkle said some of the new issues the club will try to tackle include environmental impact related to the toll road proposals through San Clemente and the storage of spent nuclear fuel at nearby San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS)..."


April 2017 - Young Environmentalists Who Are Working to Save the Earth - Teen Vogue

"Jackson Hinkle, an avid surfer, has always been aware of the issue of plastic pollution and its effects on ocean ecosystems; but it wasn’t until this year, when he became a Water Ambassador for The Water Effect at The Ecology Center that he began to realize how far reaching the threats of plastic water bottles are..."

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February 3, 2017 - We stand with Jackson Hinkle, local Ambassador for The Water Effect - The ecology center

"Jackson Hinkle is a 17 year-old environmental activist who goes to San Clemente High School. He is the founder and current president of Team Zissou, an environmental club that has popped up in schools in California, Hawaii, Washington, and Canada..."


February 2017 - Piping Up: Local Students Lead March against Construction of Major Oil Pipelines - san clemente times

"Team Zissou, an environmental awareness group comprised of San Clemente High School students, organized a local march protesting Trump’s order to allow for two controversial pieces of oil and gas infrastructure—the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) and Keystone XL Pipeline. Those opposing the pipelines marched from the Community Center around Del Mar and back down to the point of origin, the same route the San Clemente Women’s March on Washington took last week..."

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