protecting san clemente from toll roads and the tca

The havoc that this unnecessary toll road would wreak on our community would be devastating — the $2 billion toll road would actually worsen traffic on the I-5 and increase residents’ travel distance. It has become clear that the TCA’s motivation is not to “[enhance] mobility in Orange County and Southern California,” as per its mission statement, but to milk taxpayers for every ounce of profit they can muster. I will not only fight to dissolve the TCA, but also work with the OCTA and our residents to find modern, de-privatized solutions to streamline mobility for our growing community.

ensuring the safe storage of Socal edison's nuclear waste

The largest threat to public safety in San Clemente is the radioactive waste being buried feet from the shoreline at San Onofre. When I briefed members of the United States Congress on this issue, they were shocked to learn that the canisters storing radioactive waste cannot be repaired, transported, or monitored, and that safety protocols are not being met at the plant. I will not allow SoCal Edison to profit at the expense of our community and environment. I will fight to move the waste off our coastline, implement a real-time, independent radiation monitoring system at the plant, and create an emergency action plan for San Clemente.

Uniting To End Homelessness

It’s no secret that San Clemente’s homeless population has grown rapidly in the past several years.Ensuring the best quality of life for all members of our community is my top priority. If elected, I will work to unite local governments, community groups, and other elected officials to end the growing issue of homelessness in our city. The rest of Orange County has spurned its tired, its poor, its huddled masses — putting the spotlight on us to be leaders for positive change.

transitioning san clemente to a sustainable future

As the founder of a local environmental organization, I have worked for years to do what our city council has failed to do; preserve and conserve San Clemente’s world-renowned natural habitats. If elected, I intend to do everything in my power to stop the degradation of our environment and pursue policies that build a more sustainable future. These policies would fit into a three part plan, including laws that: reduce the pollution of our air, water, and land; conserve energy and quickly develop clean and renewable sources of energy; and build infrastructure to transition San Clemente into an environmentally friendly future.

expanding affordable housing

In a stable housing market, landlords and real estate investors nurse a healthy profit while tenants can expect rent increases that roughly keep pace with inflation, and everyone wins. This is not so in Orange County, where both sides of the equation are in a state of disequilibrium. The effects of an insecure housing market ripple through every strata of our community, from renters to borrowers to owners. It’s time we think holistically to find the most equitable solution for all our citizens.

Fighting for Emergency Medical Services

It should not be radical to suggest that every man, woman, and child in our city should have access to a nearby hospital with emergency services. But South Orange County in general and San Clemente in particular are grossly underserved in this area. Bringing in a new hospital with emergency services will require careful planning, innovative funding, and forward thinking.

Increasing Voter turnout

In a democracy, it is every citizen’s duty to vote, and the first step in achieving this is to encourage everyone to register and to keep their voter registration info up to date. One way in which we could streamline this process is by enacting a simple ordinance requiring landlords to provide information on voter registration to new tenants, along with a registration form. Whenever people move, they need to register to vote or update their preexisting voter registration — this would make it simple and convenient. This ordinance would not only prove beneficial for new residents of San Clemente, but also longtime residents who may be moving to a new location.

We are committed to running a corporate- and developer-free campaign. That means we will refuse donations from corporations, industry lobbyists, corporate representatives, political bundlers, developers, and Political Action Committees (except for unions). You can trust that our opinions are our own, and that our actions in office will be, too.

Running for office has a rapidly growing price tag, making campaigns prohibitively expensive for most Americans. Thus the freedom to run for office is limited to a small minority of the population. In addition, with the rising cost of running for office, candidates need to spend more time fundraising, which restricts their ability to meet with their constituents and encourages them to pander and avoid talking about serious issues.

The system is broken, and the only real solution is public financing of election campaigns. New York City’s law, for example, requires participating candidates to limit campaign spending; in exchange, a public fund matches small donations.

With shady tactics and corporate influence rampant at all levels of political office among candidates all along the political spectrum, we truly must beget change from the ground up. Join us in keeping our elections fair and free.

Campaign Finance Reform & Corporate-free

Creating a Transparent government

An informed public is essential to democracy. Unfortunately, the public cannot be truly informed if their representatives stifle access to government information. For years, community members have been asking the San Clemente City Council to adopt “sunshine laws” to require certain proceedings of government to be open or available to the public. Time and again, these citizens have been met with a resounding “no”.

Not only is access denied to the public, but members of the Council often can’t even get the document they need from other agencies within Orange County. Councilmembers gripe when this occurs but refuse even to consider adopting sunshine laws.

It is our view that government should be transparent, participatory, and collaborative. We will push to enact a sunshine ordinance in the City of San Clemente, much like the one that was passed by Santa Ana in 2012. The government was elected to serve [we] the people, and it should be held accountable.

Democracy is Powered by Volunteers Like You


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